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A trip is an opportunity to live unforgettable things.  Life is only one and it is our decision to live it intensely…  The money that you can earn is for others, but what is lived is yours…

There are many ways to fly.  I want to share mine…  from the highs, to see the landscape and the sunset…

Have you flown before?


Tandem Flights

From: $320,000

It's a charming town.  Streets of stone and colorful houses with nice balconies.  The park has giant trees and many colors.  Flying from there is fascinating, a great valley and stone mountains take us into a dream.  It's the place from where you can reach out the sky...

From: $260,000

Two waterfalls get together in the falling. An ocean between waves of green mountains. To fly up to the clouds to see the giant nature !!! The forest from the heights... In the afternoon, go swimming in the river among huge rocks ... Total disconnection !!!

From: $160,000

San Felix is ​the closest place to Medellin to fly paragliding, located just an hour from the city and with an incredible landscape.  Due to its climatic conditions, it is possible to take off from the hillside and gain altitude, the city is observed from a unique perspective in contrast to the green of the mountains. The rural and the urban from the heights. The best view of Medellín.